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009 - How to Stress Less and Live More With Courtney Elmer

Updated: Apr 15


In today’s episode I talk with Courtney Elmer who is a Lifestyle Strategist, Speaker, and Stress Expert dedicated to showing overwhelmed #mompreneurs how to StressLESS and LiveMORE.

How to Stress Less and Live More With Courtney Elmer - The Art of Following Your Heart Podcast

Listen to the Episode Here:

(Confession: I sometimes have a glass of wine in the evening to cope with stress.)

Courtney tells us her amazing story of how after overcoming cancer at the age of 25, she realized that life is WAY too short to waste any time feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and burnt out.

She worked in the corporate world of 9 to 5. Since her main focus was to be successful, she also started a business in network marketing and soon after she found herself consumed by work.

Around the same time Courtney met the love of her life and started planning her wedding.

She says that from the outside it seemed like she was very successful: she had the thriving business, the car, the vacations, the fancy dinners, but in the inside she was barely holding it together. For her, it felt like she was going through the motions, day in and day out. She was working all the time and not enjoying life, her identity was wrapped up in her work.

After her wedding and honeymoon, Courtney went to the doctor for a follow up visit, and much to her surprised, she was told that she had cancer.

At that point she was so used to checking things off her list that all she wanted to do was to find out how to get that behind her and move forward.

Going through treatment and recovery forced her, for the first time in her life, to slow down in a way that she had never done before.

She realized that all she wanted was to live a life that she could enjoy while being successful without feeling like she had to sacrifice one for the sake of the other.

This is what set her on her path of growth and self-discovery which helped her heal herself and find out why she felt the need to work all the time. She wanted to redefine success and what that would look like for her so she could create the life she wanted to start living.

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That life included having time for friends and family, exercising, eating well, taking care of herself and doing the things she wanted to do, all while building a successful business.

She believes that every woman was put on this earth with power and purpose, and they deserve to have success without the stress. 

In the show we talk about how we are given signs along the way to help us realize that we need to change certain life patterns or attitudes, and if we don't listen, the signs will get bigger and bigger until we have no choice but to pay attention and figure out what needs to be learned.

She also talks about how she started on this path of being a #mompreneur, how she balances work and motherhood, and her wonderful story of how she told her husband that she was pregnant when at the moment they were not sure if that possibility was in the cards for them.

Courtney specializes in showing women entrepreneurs how to create order out of chaos, so they can feel clear, focused and in control of their life and business without sacrificing their family along the way.

She believes that every woman was put on this earth with power and purpose, and they deserve to have success without the stress. 

Courtney shared with us one of her favorite quotes: "Kids don't need a perfect mom, they need a happy one." and I completely agree.

As the creator and founder of The StressLESS System©️, Courtney’s known for sharing simple, actionable steps to stop feeling so overwhelmed and start running a profitable business while pursuing your God-given purpose. 

She is obsessed with barre workouts and dark chocolate (aren’t we all??), and lives in New Orleans with her husband Alan and their busy little boy AJ.

Courtney enjoys spending time traveling and giving back, especially with The Blooming Lily Foundation and their mission to empower young girls in Kenya to reach their dreams.

I hope you enjoy this episode!

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