021 - End of Season 2! Also: What Is Empowered Receiving And Why Stay At Home Moms Should Embrace It

As the end of the school year nears, I am ending Season 2 so I can focus on the my daughter, her school activities and summer vacation. My plan is to return in the Fall.

End of Season 2! Also- What Is Empowered Receiving And Why Stay At Home Moms Should Embrace It - The Art of Following Your Heart Podcast

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In today's episode I talk about how some stay at home moms have a difficult time coming to terms with the fact that they depend 100% on their husbands financially and what to do about it.

I believe there is a connection between receiving and how we feel about our self worth.

Before I got married, I used to be make my own money. I was very independent and had to answer to no one regarding my finances. Once I got married and then pregnant, my husband and I decided that I would stay home to care for the baby. This decision turned my world upside down. I struggled with having to be 100% financially dependent on my husband. It eroded my self worth and sense of self value. On the other hand, my husband had no problem with being the provider at home, Not only did he have no problem with it, he was happy to do it.

This was a new concept for me. She explained that in order to be able to make our own money, we need to learn to receive gracefully.

Later on, I realized that the problem was all in my own head. It had to do with my own issues.

One of the things that helped me overcome this problem to accept being dependent on my husband was when I decided to follow my heart and pursue my big dream of becoming an artist.

Doing so helped me realize what I was capable of, it also helped me gain confidence in myself and learn to make my own money without sacrificing being home with my kids.