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December 2016 Art Collector of the Month: April Sins

Updated: Apr 15, 2023


April right next to her "La Flor #41" in her home in Houma, Louisiana.

April a little about herself with us...

I love to get to know my art collectors a little bit more, so every month I will be sharing with you the profile of one of them.

The purpose of these interviews is to provide examples of women who have had the courage to follow their heart, some to become mothers, wives, stay at home moms or wives, professionals or entrepreneurs. They did it by overcoming fear of criticism, failure, or both. Each person measures success according to their own dreams, so it is very personal. There is no dream too big or too small. For the month of December, my art collector is: April Sins.

- Age: 38

- Location: Houma, LA

- Marital Status: Married to Chris Sins

- Kids: 2 kids; Brady 10, Farrah 7

1. What is your correct position?

Owner of Mix It Up Culinary Entertainment

2. How did you get to where you are professionally? Is it what you always wanted to do? I have always had a passion for food and nutrition. I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, and I also have a Master of Science in Healthcare Management. I worked in many hospitals and nursing homes over the past 16 years. In cooking with my own children, I recognized the enjoyment that kids get from cooking their own food and participating in making their own meal. We opened Mix It Up 18 months ago, and we are loving it!

3. Did you ever have any doubts that you would accomplish it?

There are many challenges to opening a business, especially when it is something new and different. The challenges make you appreciate the development of the business.

4. When you were little, did you have any dreams about who you wanted to be when you grew up? Did any come true? I always dreamed of becoming a wife and mother. It makes you appreciate the little things in life... the smiles, the laughs, and the love.

5. Hobbies?

One of my hobbies is cooking, of course. I love to try new recipes, and also I love to develop my own recipes. Our other favorite things to do as a family is go to City Park in New Orleans and also fish on the bayou side.

6. What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about the health of our future generations. I want them to have the tools to guide them to make smart healthy choices. I am passionate about appreciating the beauty in life. I enjoy taking a walk through the neighborhood and look around to see the oak trees curving over the streets and look at the colors in the sky.

7. Give us three instances that were particularly hard in your life?

Ate age 17, I came home from school to find my father in the midst of a massive heart attack. It was at that moment when I realized how precious life is. Thankfully he arrived at the hospital in time, and lived through what doctors say most people do not live through. Last year my mother was diagnosed with multiple types of cancer. It was a very challenging year; but she is doing well now.

8. Do you now believe that they were life lessons for you? And if so, what were they? These were definitely life lessons. Don't take people for granted and enjoy each other everyday. To be positive and keep smiling!

9. Mention three events that have been the happiest in your life so far?

Meeting and marrying my husband Chris, having my children Brady and Farrah, and being able to spend more time with my children.

10. Have you discovered your mission in life?

If so, please share. My top mission is life is to be the best mother to my children that I can possibly be. To teach my children to be good, loving human beings. It is also to be the best wife I can be. And thirdly, to work hard and be passionate about my work.

11. Provide your three top values in life? Example: honesty, passion, etc.

Love genuinely

Keep positive

Live honestly

12. What plans do you have for the future? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? We are expanding our business to a second location in Lafayette. I will keep working hard and cherishing each day.

"I am truly honored that you asked me to be a part of your newsletter. I love your artwork. We have it displayed in our family area, and I enjoy looking at it everyday. It is such a positive, eye catching work of art." - April


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