003 - Your Hardest Times Could Actually Be Your Biggest Blessings

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

Today's episode is about learning to see our hardest times in life as our biggest blessings. Obstacles and struggles are blessings in disguise. They force us to grow, they force us to learn more about ourselves, about our strengths, our resilience, our grit.

being a stay at home mom - artbynadjah

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(Confession: Being a stay at home mom was much harder than I thought it would be.)

I believe that we are meant to follow our heart and find our purpose in life. We are all born with a particular set of skills that only us can use to create something new and unique for us and the world. And sometimes the only way for us to discover it is by going through pain and hardship in life.

“Every struggle has the seed of a gift that only us can open"

But we must be determined to overcome those hard times, and not only that, but to learn from them. Every struggle has the seed of a gift that only us can open. It is up to us to figure out how to access it by asking how can you turn your struggle into something greater than yourself, how can you use that seed and allow it to grow into a lesson that will serve you in executing that purpose that you were meant to pursue in this life.

Depression was part of my struggle as a stay at home mom and it stemmed from feeling isolated, dependent and without a purpose. I know that I was meant to feel that way so I would be forced to find my path. If everything would had been ok in my life, I would still be living a content life with with no real purpose other than being home with my kids.

I encourage you to take another look at whatever struggles and hard times you lived through, or are currently living through, and ask yourself: what is this trying to teach me and how can I use it in my path to live a purposeful life? And listen, listen to your heart. Your heart is the way our Higher Self/The Universe/The Divine/God communicates with us. It will always guide you in the right way. You will know it is your heart speaking to you because it will ring true to you. Listen to it and trust it.

Thank you for hanging in there with me. Your support means the world to me. I hope it inspires and encourages you to follow your own dreams.