011 - When Your Purpose Finds You: Becoming a Children's Writer and Podcaster With Rhea Pechter

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

In today's episode I talk with Rhea Pechter, the creator and producer of "Little Stories for Tiny People" about how she started a podcast reading her own short stories for children.

When Your Purpose Finds You: Becoming a Children's Writer and Podcaster With Rhea Pechter - The Art of Following Your Heart Podcast

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Rhea is a children's writer and for the past years has been writing and producing a story podcast for little children called Little Stories for Tiny People. Rhea is a stay at home mom of three kids ages 7, 5 and 2. She tells how interesting it has been for her these last few years with the launch of her podcast and later the release of a picture book that she wrote and illustrated this Fall.

Rhea always loved to write stories since she was a child. She took a long break since she was a teenager until after she had kids and became a stay at home mom.

During the time when her oldest son was three and her second was one, it was very stressful for her due to the challenges that come when kids are that age. At the same time, when kids are about three years old, their imagination really takes off. They start to do imaginary play and that is when they can think things in story form, so she started to communicate with her oldest son in a story format, she would also make up little songs. All to get him to do certain things throughout the day. The times that she would approach him that way, it would appeal to his sense of wonder and imagination so it made things work better.

Rhea started to see all this creativity in her son and it was bringing out a lot in her. which helped her reconnect with the vivid imagination that she had when she was a child too. Suddenly it was relevant again. That's when she started working on her first story which was the first episode of her podcast and then became the first book that she made.

For her it was as if her son's imagination sparked her own imagination to come out again. Being a parent was a critical to her starting down that creative path.