What colors are you into lately?: The Healing Power of Color and Light

Leanne posing by her colorful healing Art.

WHAT COLOR ARE YOU INTO LATELY?! I came across an artist that teaches about the healing power of colors and light (Leanne Venier). I always suspected that connection was real but now there is scientific proof! This is very exciting for me because I've noticed that my art collectors are drawn to my work due to my use of color and now I know why! I had a feeling that we crave certain colors depending on what we need emotionally and Leanne not only confirmed my feeling but also explains that colors have healing properties. Isn't it amazing?! One question for you: so what color are you into lately? I am into different shades of green right now and according to Leanne's studies green "...is good for balanced judgement and providing clarity about our direction in life. It gives you greater acceptance of yourself and compassion for others." I absolutely love this. It makes me appreciate even more what I do. Just the thought of help someone heal in some way by just looking at my art made my day!

If you want to know more about it visit Leanne's website www.catalyticcolor.com and for her art visit www.Leannevenier.com

P.S.: Leanne is an engineer turned artist like me!

Talk to you soon!

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