The Purpose of My Art

"La Flor #73" from "La Flor 250 Series"

Hi my loves!

Everyday I learn more and more about my life mission and I've come to realize that my flowers, amongst other things, serve important two purposes besides adding beauty and art to my art collectors' homes. The first purpose is that they help women recognize their own beauty reflected back to them. The second is that they serve as a metaphor: I believe that when women that are on a personal realization path look at the flower they recognize that they can be like that flower, that they also have the potential to bloom, to become the best that they can be. The flower is a reminder of that potential, of what is inside that bud, that once you open it completely, it shows you how beautiful you can be, not only on the outside but on the inside too. And the only way to do it is by being yourself. By following your heart. By trusting your intuition. By writing your own script, setting your own blueprint and not going by what society dictates, but by what your heart dictates, by allowing what is deep inside you urging to become to manifest itself.

Women can relate to that metaphor of the flower because it is a vision of what they know is inside of them waiting, waiting to blossom, waiting to bloom. It helps them envision their highest potential. A flower's highest potential can only be seen when it blooms. when it allows itself to blossom completely. That is when its true beauty shows. And that is what us women want for ourselves.

Bloom. Grow. Love.


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