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SAHM: Welcome to The Art of Following Your Heart Podcast and Blog!

Updated: Apr 15


SAHM: Welcome to my Podcast and Blog! Hi! I'm Nadjah and I have created this other Stay At Home Moms (SAHM 's) like me, who have a dream close to their hearts but are too afraid to pursue it. If you feel guilty for wanting more, if you feel stuck or think pursuing your BIG #DREAM is impossible or plain silly, this Blog is for you!

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After becoming a stay at home mom #SAHM, I decided to overcome my fears and follow my dream of becoming an artist. I now paint large colorful modern flowers that tell my story of how I blossomed when I decided to begin painting at 41 years old! They tell the story of the possibility that is available to you once you decide to follow your heart.

“This is about having a sense of purpose beyond being a mom and a wife. It is about feeling independent and accomplished in your own right. It is about feeling empowered.”

I have now made it my mission to use my art, and now this blog, to inspire and encourage other SAHM's who would love to pursue their big dream like starting a business, writing a book or starting their own fashion blog, but feel it is impossible for them to do so . I know who you are, I've been in your shoes. You do appreciate the blessing of being a stay at home mom and caring for your kids. You also appreciate having a husband who loves to provide financially for you and your family. But It is not about that... This is about having a sense of purpose beyond being a mom and a wife. It is about feeling independent and accomplished in your own right. It is about feeling empowered.

You Are Not Alone

I want you to know that you are not alone. Many SAHM 's feel scared of sharing their dreams because they are afraid that they will make a fool of themselves in front of their families, friends and social peers. They are afraid to fail, to be judged and criticized, and worse, they are afraid of finding out that they do know have what it takes to successfully attain their dreams. It is natural and to be expected. What you do about those fears is what matters.

You can follow your heart and be scared. As a matter of fact, a pretty good sign that it is the right path for you is if your dream makes you excited and scared at the same time. I also want you to know that it is OK for you to pursue whatever it is that you want to do and be in this life. Not only is it ok, it is actually your duty and responsibility. You have a unique gift that only you can deliver. Nobody else can do it for you and the world desperately needs it.

My main goal is to provide a safe space where we can discuss this topic while feeling supported and encouraged. I've created a forum so you can connect with other SAHM 's like you. Hop over and introduce yourself! I would love to hear from you. Let me know what your biggest dreams and fears are. I want to know what is your heart calling you to do. I also want to know what is stopping you.

If you know of other SAHM 's who you think would benefit from reading this blog, please share it with them.

My hope is for each blog post to inspire and encourage you to pursue your biggest and dearest dream.

Are you ready to follow your heart and blossom?

Talk to you soon!


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