017 - How To Become An Artist While Being A Stay At Home Mom With Kate Farrall

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

In today’s episode I talk to Kate Farrall, a stay at home mom artist and business coach for creatives. She gives great advice for stay at home moms who want to start painting but are not sure where or how to start.

How To Become An Artist While Being A Stay At Home Mom With Kate Farrall

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Today we talk about how Kate ended up not only becoming an artist but a business coach. She went to college to become and Art History Theory and Criticism Major. She loved creating too, so from there she added a photography major. After college she started working at a Non-profit Art Gallery where she learned about the gallery world.

Kate then went to graduate school in California and got a Masters of Photography. After graduate school she had to find a job to help her pay for her undergraduate and graduate school loans. She started working at a startup where she learned a ton of amazing marketing tools and techniques which helped her realize that those skills are not taught in most art schools and the ones that do teach them, don’t offer nearly what is necessary for artists to thrive in the professional world. Kate believes that if artists knew how to use those tools the world would be a different place. That was the seed that led her to finally offer coaching services and help for creative people.

As moms working from home, we feel isolated and it is important to connect with other women like us for support, encouragement and accountability. It also helps us know that we are not alone. Mastermind groups are great for this purpose.

After having her daughter and growing tired of working almost 60 hours a week in the corporate world, Kate decided to explore the possibility of leaving her job, becoming a stay at home mom and start her business as a coach for creatives. She began to get clients that wanted to be helped with their creative careers and she started to transition from working full time to being her own boss. Even thought she was having fears regarding the ability to continue to have an income after leaving her job but thankfully things worked out really well for her.

Kate has been able to integrate her business with life and being a mom to the point where she now has a good balance that allows her to do the things she wouldn’t be able to do otherwise.