012 - Follow Your Curiosity

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

In today's episode I explain what following your curiosity means and how to do it.

Following Your Curiosity - The Art of Following Your Heart Podcast

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I just finished reading "Big Magic" by Elizabeth Gilbert, for the second time. I absolutely love that book. So much wisdom. So many gold nuggets in it. So inspiring.

This is what stuck to me this time around: "Follow your curiosity."

Let me explain.

Towards the end of the book she talks about how she decided to follow her curiosity after waiting for the next great book idea that never came.

She asked herself what was she curious about and what came to her was: gardening. 

Nothing extraordinary really, nevertheless she decided to find more about it.  She had never gardened before but she pursued it anyway. She did it as a way of passing the time until an idea for a new book would come.

A three year journey ensued and at the end of it, a book had been written. A thread that started with her curiosity about gardening, gave her everything she needed to feel the inspiration to write a new novel: "The Signatures of All Things".

After reading this, something inside of me awoke. 

Reading Elizabeth ‘a words reminded what my soul desperately wants: for me to discover who I really am and and embrace it so I can be happy.

I realized that for the longest time I’ve been stuck in a rigid pattern of goal setting, laser focus and "all business-no fun" attitude. 

I’ve been on a path so serious and strict that I had no room for curiosity.  The reason: curiosity is risky, it is a waste of time, or so I thought...