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010 - Finding Purpose Through Loss: The Story Behind Crystalyn Aucoin Jewelry

Updated: Jan 24


In today's show I talk with Crystalyn Aucoin, creator of Crystalyn Aucoin Jewelry in New Orleans. She shares her amazing story of loss and purpose and how her jewelry line was inspired.

Finding Purpose Through Loss: The Story Behind Crystalyn Aucoin Jewelry - The Art of Following Your Heart Podcast
Crystalyn Aucoin

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Crystalyn Aucoin is a jewelry designer from New Orleans and the mom of an incredible superhero named Spider-Man (AKA Winston). After a decade in the jewelry industry she decided to create her own jewelry line based on a need she saw in the market for casual fine jewelry and a mission she felt was bigger than herself.

A jewelry line was not always part of Crystalyn's plan however, a major life-altering event changed the course of her journey and her outlook forever.

In 2016, she lost her 38-year-old husband Ryan to cancer after a hard-fought 2-year battle. His life, his encouraging words, and his death ultimately opened her eyes to unapologetically living her purpose. As he wished, she navigates life finding joy amidst grief.

At first, Crystalyn was truly scared to pursue this new path of starting a jewelry business but she decided she was going to do it and not just “try”, she was going to make it happen as if there was no other option.

She tells us how she started very slowly. It took her a whole year to launch a brand where people could go on her website and actually make a purchase.

"Choosing to merge my love for jewelry and my passion to help others has been the catalyst for my healing".

The mission behind her jewelry line, Crystalyn Aucoin Jewelry, is to inspire women to overcome hardships and live a purposeful life. She wanted to give back by being encouraging to other women who are thinking about taking a chance on themselves, who are investing in themselves to follow their calling and what they feel in their heart.

She continues to honor her late husband Ryan by donating a percentage of sales to cancer-related non-profit organizations as well as, helps families who are experiencing the burden of cancer.

These are the things that are fueling her and her healing.

Several months since the launch of her jewelry line, she is so glad she took a chance on herself because she is very aware that she could have taken the easier route. It has been hard for her, and she knows it will continue to be, but now she feels so fulfilled in her heart.

During the show, we talked about journaling and how through it she feels a connection with her husband and his guidance. She also feels the connection through the process of doing video journaling using her phone and taping herself while she talks out loud. This helps her navigate through things when she feels overwhelmed or when there is something heavy in her heart or on her plate. She tells us that it really helps her get clarity by getting things out of her chest and into the world.

Crystalyn tells us her take on balance and how she believes prioritizing and focusing on what really matters to her, like her son, family and her business, is what is of most importance to her. Everything else takes a second place.

We also talk about her signature piece in her jewelry line: “The Gratitude Pendant” which is the logo of her business and stemmed from three interlocking circles that she put in front of a cross that she designed for her husband for his first chemotherapy treatment. Each circle represented: her, her husband, and at the time, their unborn child Winston. It symbolizes an eternal everlasting bond, how stronger they are together and always connected, no matter what.

Later on she added a fourth circle to the design that represents all the people who want to share their story, people who want to help them, like doctors and nurses, their parents, people who are supporting them, offering guidance and love, making them all stronger.

I asked Crystalyn what does following your heart mean to her and she shares that it means to live unapologetic in your purpose. For her it means being able to find a path that she and her son want to live, while helping others along the way.

I love how Crystalyn took something so hard and tragic in her life and turned it into something wonderful with a purpose and a beautiful message, which in turn has given her so much to look forward to.

"Choosing to merge my love for jewelry and my passion to help others has been the catalyst for my healing." -Crystalyn Aucoin


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