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014 - Becoming a Fashion Designer At 50 by Brigitte Marie Foret (Blog Guest)

Updated: Jan 24


I am a 55 year old empty nester, who in my later years of life, decided to follow my heart and pursue what I am truly passionate about. I love fashion, and everything that comes with it. Designing is my avatar.

Becoming a Fashion Designer At 50 With Brigette Marie Foret - The Art of Following Your Heart Podcast

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I love fabric, buttons and notions. I have been designing since I was very young with my grandmother who sewed my clothes on a old Singer sewing machine. She would let me pick the buttons, trim, etc.

When I was in high school, I would cut up some pieces in my closet to add special things to a blouse or a pair of pants. I loved doing this because it made whatever I was wearing my own, since I had to share my clothes with my other two sisters.

When  my son was born 27 yrs ago and my youngest sister was getting married, I realized that finding clothes for my then 8 month old baby was next to impossible, so I started designing his clothes.

The early years of being a stay at home mom were very boring for me. When my son was 5, I bought a franchise and my husband went back to college. After he graduated college I sold my business. Two months later, a finance company sought me out and asked if I would open stores for them; 124 stores to be exact. I told them I was a mom and my family came first, that I may not be able to be at work everyday due to activities at my son's school to attend, but they agreed. Seven years later my husband started a company with a friend so we moved to Texas. I quit my job and off we went. 

Once again I found myself a stay at home mom. I decided to throw myself into my son's middle and high school years by volunteering for everything under the sun. The school loved me, I was a very active there.

Years later, when my son was walking out the door to go off to college, he shared with me the following: "Mom, you need to find a job." Laughing inside, I knew he was right. So, I thought "What in the world am I going to do? I have not worked in over 20 years." 

Not long after, I was traveling to Houston for a day of shopping. While in the shoes section of a big box department store wearing a dress I designed, this very polished lady approached me. She introduced herself as a "buyer". Confused, I asked what does a buyer do. She explained she buys clothes for the department store and asked who was the designer to dress I was wearing. My heart sank. Should I tell her it is my design? My head was swirling. Is she really serious? Does she really like the dress? Or, is she just being polite? After all, I was holding 3 pairs of shoes to purchase. I shared with her that the dress was my own design and that I had a seamstress that puts things together for me. 

Don’t limit yourself or judge a new experience. You are not living if your not experiencing.

The fear that came over me was nothing short of panic. What I found out was that fear did not kill me, and doing what I love is what really matters to me.  From that point on I realized what my true passion in life was and that I was ready to pursue it.

I am learning that my journey of discovering and doing what I love will be ongoing. I don’t have a final destination. I will keep evolving and following my heart and enjoying where it takes me. Just because you start with one passion, does not mean you will end with that same passion. I believe God puts you in places to discover, and if you do not follow your heart you are closing yourself off to possibilities that may lead you to something you never thought possible.

Don’t limit yourself or judge a new experience. You are not living if your not experiencing.

Brigitte Marie

Brigitte is wife and a mother who decided to follow her true passion of becoming a fashion designer at 50 years old. She resides in Corpus Christi, Texas with her husband John and her dog Jocko. You can find her on Instagram at @brigittemarieforet.

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