Art Jewelry, my other passion

Designing and making art jewelry turned out to be a natural transition for me. Little did I know that I wasn't the only visual artist to do so. I recently found out that Picasso and Dalí are amongst the most known artists to work on this art form besides painting. It makes sense since, as painters, we like to envision something and then work with our hands to bring it to life. The real thrill for us is the journey that it takes to go from fantasy to reality. Jewelry is just another art form.

Working with metal and glass was an interesting and fascinating challenge to me. I taught myself how to work with it, just like I taught myself how to paint. When it comes to creativity, I feel like a fish in the water. It is my natural state.

Since my art creations are geared towards women, it was a natural step for me also to create art that they could wear. My hope is for women to celebrate who they are and remind them of their own beauty by wearing my art.

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