A different kind of Artist: Cuquita Arias de Calvo

Hi my loves! Today I want to share with you an extremely talented artist, but a different kind of artist: a culinary artist Cuquita Arias de Calvo.  Cuquita creates wonderful works of art with food. She celebrates all the senses with such creativity utilizing Panamanian classic recipes and bringing them to a whole new level by combining ingredients in a surprising, delicious and beautiful way. She epitomizes what my art represents: passion, self-empowerment, courage, authenticity and beauty. I am so proud to call her a fellow Panamanian Artist. Her breathtaking creative style has inspired the colors in my new series "Mi Flor" which will have its unveiling next month.

Gracias Cuquita por regalarnos tu genialidad culinaria al mundo. 😘🍓🍊🥑🍒🌸🌹🌺 

Flourish. Grow. Love.


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