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Effective as of January 1st, 2015.  

To be able to book an event and schedule a meeting, you will be required to read carefully and agree to the Terms & Conditions .  Once you agree, I will contact you within the next 24 hours to book the event and schedule an in person meeting.  (Please be advised that there will only be 24 available bookings per year. )

1. During our initial meeting, I will provide you with pictures of the Art that is available and you get to choose which ones will be in the exhibit.

2.  There will be a contract to be signed by both parties with pretty much what it is stated here in the Terms and Conditions form.


3. The Fee to provide the service of a Private Art Exhibit in your home or venue is $500.

4.  A deposit of $250 is due during of the initial meeting.

5. The balance of $250 is due the day of the event.

6.  I deliver the paintings to your home or venue the day of the event at a mutually agreed time and set them up.  I leave to change clothes and return at a mutually agreed time.

7.  You are required to be present at the moment of delivery of the art to inspect all the paintings, a document  will be signed by both parties agreeing that they were delivered in good condition.

8.  You agree to be responsible for the art while in your home or venue.

9.  I return to the event at a mutually agreed time to meet and greet the guests for one  (1) hour.

10.  I return the next day to pick up the art at a mutually agreed time.

11.  You are required to be present when I pick up the art to inspect them once again. 

12.  Upon inspection, if we conclude that one, any or all the paintings were damaged in any way, you will be responsible for the reimbursement of the price of the painting(s).

13.  If everything is in good order, we both sign a document agreeing that all paintings are being returned in good condition.

14.  If you decide to acquire a painting, the $500 Fee will be deducted from the cost of the painting.

15.  For every guest that purchases a painting, you get an extra $500 deduction from the cost of the painting that you are acquiring up to the value of the painting. (In other words, you could end up acquiring your own painting at no cost to you.)

16.  You agree to keep #15 confidential to maintain the value of the paintings.

17.  Every guest that purchases a painting will have their art delivered to them at no cost. (Including the host in case the event is held some place other than the host's home.) If the guest lives locally, I will deliver the painting myself the next day.  If from out of town, the painting will be shipped via FedEx the following week.  (If the Art Collector requires the shipment to be expedited, a fee will apply.)

18.  Every purchased painting is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

19.  Every person that purchases a painting will receive a beautiful Coffee Table Book with photographs of my art valued at $100 at no extra cost as a "Thank You" gift from me.

20.  Private Art Exhibits will only be provided in South Louisiana including: New Orleans, Houma, Lafayette and Baton Rouge, and in Panama, Panama City.

21. In case there is a cancellation of the event by the host, the initial $250 deposit is non-refundable.

22.  Rescheduling is accepted depending on availability.

23.  In case there is a cancellation of the Exhibit by the Artist, the initial $250 deposit will be reimbursed to the host.

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